Goa is a beautiful city with full of nature, peace, calm, stress free and pollution free environment Featured

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Goa is a beautiful city with full of nature, peace, calm, stress free and pollution free environment...

Goa has lots of natural beaches situated in North and South Goa.

Goa can be divided into three parts:

* North Goa
* Central Goa
* South Goa

Goa main language is " Konkani " It is very sweet and soft language. People of Goa are very kind hearted and helpful, they live with nature free from anxiety and worries as thry dont indulge themselves in any sought of immaterial competition. They keep themselve free from any kind of burden in life as compare to other metropolitan cities of India. Goa people lives very simple life and their attire is also very simple and sober.

This is the city of nature with natural beauty in terms of sea shores, when you sit by the sea you actually converse with tides, it gives pleasure - which is immense experience of life . One can never feel lonely while sitting near the beach.

Most famous beaches of Goa are - Calangute beach, bagga beach, vagator beach, Shikrim beach, utorda beach etc..,

South Goa Beaches are more peaceful and clean with white sand as compare to North Goa Beaches.

Other places to see in Goa are Church and Chappels, Forts and Rivers. The most attractive thing of Goa is food 'Shaks' during the rainy season all the shaks are closed. Also theres no water sport or water activites like scooba diving etc during rainy season as its dangerous.

Sea food is the main food of Goa , Tourists are keen to go to Goa for the special sea food of Goa like Prawns, variety of fishes , Crabs , Chicken and Mutton and Goan curries.
Cashew nuts are famous in Goa.

Gambling is the prime attraction of Goa, when everything closes during the rainy season Casino's runs - Big Daddy Casino, Deltin Casino & Pride Casion are famous ones situated on the centre of Panjim River , adjoining by floating restaurant called Watermark. we had dinner at Watermark, it was delicious in taste, the chef of watermark is from Delhi " Chef Gopal "

Tourists also enjoy cruise ride with music and food provided on the cruise itself.

It was a brilliant experience in Goa must explore it.

Ciao !!

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