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India Braces for a 21-Day National Lockdown Featured

Written by  Mar 25, 2020

India Braces for a 21-Day National Lock-down: Dos and Don’ts for the Citizens

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a nationwide lock-down for 21 days since midnight on Tuesday. He even asserted how it has become a necessity for every Indian to launch a decisive battle against the global pandemic – Covid-19.

While addressing the nation for a second time, he even explained how saving the lives of the citizens are of primary importance to the government at the cost of an economic slowdown. He even insisted on understanding how important it is to face the challenges for 21 days without which the entire nation could go backwards by 21 years.

What Does the Lock-down Mean to You? 

Lockdown is an authoritative protocol that follows emergency guidelines laid down by the state. It prevents information or people from vacating an area. Only some regular services that are essential could be provided under a state-backed lockdown. Such services may include pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and groceries.

How Does the Lock-down Impact Your Life?

The severity and manner in which a global pandemic could leave its impact on us will depend on our adaptability to the protocol laid down by the central and state governments. We can only achieve the entire picture of the economic and social lock-down when every union Territory and state adheres to the norms.

The guidelines that the government issues for the entire country will be uniform. During the 21-day lock-down, the Ministry of Home Affairs will take substantial measures to extend the essential services to every household in India.

An MHA hotline will be set up through 24x7for assisting all state governments during the lock-down. According to the Prime Minister, the national lock-down resembles a curfew wherein the citizens are expected to stay at home and not step out unless it is an urgent necessity. Stay outside without a valid reason will be treated as a punishable offence.

What Will Remain Prohibited During the Lock-down?

  • All forms of transport services – roadways, railways, and airways 
  • All religious places that are frequently visited by worshippers
  • All industrial establishments that serve the masses
  • All private and commercial establishments
  • All Hospitality Services wherein the foreigners are not stalled
  • All ITes service establishments that have opted out of Work-From-Home protocols
  • All academic institutions
  • All social, religious, cultural, entertainment, sports, political gatherings and events

Punishment for Violating Lock-down Guidelines

  • You may be liable to meet a fine or face imprisonment for up to a year if you don’t refrain from staying outside without an urgent need like that of a medical emergency. If your activities lead loss of lives, then the imprisonment could be extended to 2 years.
  • You may have to pay a fine or be imprisoned for up to 2 years when you make a false claim for violating the nationwide lockdown.
  • A fine or a jail term up to 2 years will be imposed on those that hoard relief material or money.
  • You may be fined or jailed for up to a year if lead through false panic.

Guidelines for Extending Essential Services

The Ministry of Home Affairs has made it evident that the lock-down protocol is enforced to restrict people’s mobility and not to keep essential services and good out of your reach. A host of emergency services have been complaining about challenges that they ought to overcome in their attempt to reach out to people.

However, the government is not keeping any leaves un-turned to transport all essential goods and services through emergency service personnel across different cities and townships in India.

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