Gurgaon: Thieves steal same ATM twice in 10 days, Badshahpur SHO faces inquiry Featured

Written by  Feb 27, 2018

An inquiry was ordered against the Badshahpur station house officer on Monday after a private bank’s ATM in Begumpura Khatola village was stolen twice in a span of 10 days.

The Tata Indicash money vending machine in the village was stolen on February 13 and the same machine was stolen again on the night of February 22, drawing the attention of police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar, who ordered an inquiry against the SHO on Monday.

Taking note of the twin thefts, Khirwar , ordered a departmental inquiry against SHO Vishnu Prasad to find out the individual and collective lapses in security that led to the theft of the ATM twice in a span of 10 days.

Ten cash dispensing machines have been stolen from Gurgaon since December. The sudden increase in the number of such thefts has left the city police rattled.

“This (ATM thefts) is a very serious matter and the official (Vishnu Prasad) has been asked to focus on solving and preventing cases of ATM thefts in his area. All others should also focus on detection (of any gang operating in their area) and prevention of such thefts in the city,” Khirwar said.

Prasad has also been asked to solve the case of ATM thefts in his area on priority, with help from the crime branch and other teams of the city police.

In a meeting held last week with all station house officers to discuss the law and order in Gurgaon, Khirwar had said that the responsibility of ATM thefts would rest with the SHO of the area. He had said that in places where there are no guards at ATMs, the police station concerned would have to deploy its own men to safeguard people’s money. Khirwar had also directed SHOs to increase patrolling to secure the cash machines.

Sources in the police department said that during last week’s meeting, Khirwar had told the SHOs that if they fail to check ATM thefts, they would be “replaced”.

“The SHOs have been specifically told to increase patrolling in the areas which have ATMs and ensure that a watch is kept, particularly during the night.A list of all cash vending machines will be prepared by respective police stations to identify the ones that are vulnerable. Officers will be held responsible if such incidents continue,” Khirwar had said last Tuesday.

The directions in the meeting came after repeated thefts of cash machines in city’s outskirts. In most cases, the thieves had managed to steal ₹7 lakh to ₹8 lakh on an average from each machine.

Ironically, action against Prasad comes despite the fact that there was no cash in the Tata Indicash machine, which was stolen on Thursday.

Source: HindustanTimes



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