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Written by  Apr 22, 2020

Most of the smaller nations have experienced shutdowns following a global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

In comparison, larger nations like the USA, Italy, Germany, and India that witnessed a horrifying spread of the pandemic have enforced shutdowns over a significant part of their landmass. However, it might seem quite unprecedented for a population of 1.3 billion to experience total lockdown for over a month now.

It Is About Keeping the Economy from Getting Disarrayed

The counter-factual needs to be considered over all other things in India – if the government fails to take a drastic measure, the pandemic (COVID-19) could spread all over the country. It will be a tough challenge for the government to overcome and run the economy at a time when deaths occur in hundreds and spear of disease to thousands. Decisions are not likely to come by so easily under extreme situations.

How Are the Advanced Nations Responding?

The theory of ‘herd immunity’ has not worked for the United Kingdom enabling the virus to expand its reach across the community in an attempt to develop societal immunity. Once the experts succeeded in determining the flaws of the epidemiological models, the UK was forced the review the model and act accordingly. It was since then that the shutdowns took place in limited areas across the nation. Macabre decisions of varying levels have also been taken by a host of other European nations.

Has It Not Led Us Through a Series of Unnecessary Deaths?

Locking down entire landmasses may succeed in bringing down the loss of human lives to a level wherein it could be compared to deaths arising out of common flu or vehicle mishaps on the road. However, prioritizing lives might keep our economy from getting stagnant, but it won’t come without paying a price in the form of deaths caused to elderly and patients that aren’t suffering from COVID-19.

Is It Right to Term the Lockdown As a Make-or-Break Move?

Once the government succeeds in vanquishing the virus after the lockdown period, then all of our attempts could be directed towards reviving the economy. On the contrary, our revival efforts will be wasted completely if the virus is not restricted from spreading within the lockdown period.

It is a juncture wherein the government would not be able to safeguard our economy and contain the virus from taking its toll on human lives due to the lack of equipment and a diminishing social capital.

The global scenario is truly apocalyptic, which is why, the lockdown is now being considered as a make-or-break decision for every nation. India needs to follow the lockdown religiously for segregating the pandemic chain early on.

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