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 File Photo: A woman checks a weapon exhibited at an event to celebrate the selection of Abha as the capital of Arab tourism for the year 2017, in Abha, Saudi Arabia, April 20, 2017 , Reuters File Photo: A woman checks a weapon exhibited at an event to celebrate the selection of Abha as the capital of Arab tourism for the year 2017, in Abha, Saudi Arabia, April 20, 2017 , Reuters

For the first time Saudi Arabia allows women to join army Featured

Written by  Feb 27, 2018

For the first time, Saudi Arabia will now allow women to apply for military service. According to a statement by Saudi’s General Security division, women living in Riyadh, Makkah, al-Qusaim, and al Madina can apply for the rank of soldier.

Women will have until Thursday to submit their applications as part of the process that includes personal interviews and tests.

The move is said to be part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.  

Allowing women to enter the military is part of the plan to provide more opportunities to women.

Saudi women who grew up in the country are allowed to apply to serve in the military. Saudi nationals who were with their fathers who were abroad on official assignments can also apply, the General Directorate of Public Security said.

Applicants must be 25 to 35 years of age, hold at least a high school education, and must pass a mandatory medical check-up. Applicants must be at least 155 cm tall, with a good weight to height ratio. Candidate must pass the acceptance test and personal interview with experts, according to eligibility criteria for the post.

Women must not be a government employee or married to a non-Saudi, must have an independent identity card and live in the same region where the job is offered.

Under the Vision 2030 program, launched by Crown Prince last year, Saudi Arabia plans to end the dependency on oil revenues and liberalise the deeply conservative society. As part of the program, women are now allowed to drive and more jobs are being open to them.

In January, the General Directorate for Passports received 107,000 applications when it announced 140 jobs for women.

Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor’s office announced earlier this month that it would begin recruiting women investigators.

On Monday, Saudi King appointed Tamadur bint Youssef al-Ramah as deputy labour minister, a rare senior post for a woman in the country.

Recently, kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment said that women would not need the approval of a male relative to start their own business.

Women’s causes are also getting support from the Shura Council members and the media.

Earlier this month, Shura Council Member Iqbal Darandari called mandatory training on both men and women. “Conscription is today a national necessity and should include both men and women,” she said, according to a Gulf News report.

“Women must be trained to serve their country and defend themselves and their homeland in case of a crisis, war or attack in any region.”

Source: DNAIndia

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