What's new in Rail Budget? Featured

Written by  Jan 20, 2015

Top 10 Points in Rail Budget 2017.

1. A Rail safety fund+ with a corpus of Rs 100,000 crore will be created over a period of 5 years

2. The service charge on rail tickets booked through IRCTC will be withdrawn.

3. As many as 500 rail stations will be made differently abled-friendly by providing lifts and escalators.

4. Steps will be taken to launch dedicated trains for pilgrimage and tourism

5. A new metro rail policy will be announced+ . This is expected to open up new jobs for the youth

6. At least 25 train stations are expected to be awarded during 2017-18

7. By 2019, all coaches of the Indian Railways will be fitted with bio-toilets

8. Railways will integrate end to end transport solutions for selected commodities through partnerships

9. Unmanned railway level crossings to be eliminated by 2020

10. A 22% rise in the Railways Budget was announced.

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