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Numerology - the Path to Success in Personal & Professional Life Featured

Written by  Mar 11, 2020

Numerology Can Show the Path to Success in Personal and Professional Arena

Your name and your birth date are often enough for uncovering the spiritual meaning of your life, which is a very deep concept. You might be feeling silly about trying to relate your birthday or name to any spiritual aspect of life. The practice of numerology can help you in getting deeper about finding the true relationship between you and the universe. In this article, I would like to throw light on the fundamental elements of numerology and their impact on life.

Few Important Facts on Numerology Reading

Numerology is often about a host of calculations. It establishes a relationship between your world and your soul. Your free numerology chart combines your personality number, expression number, life path number and other factors for determining your wellbeing and the direction in which your life will move.

Expression Number

I have come across a few books on astrology stating the importance of the Expression number, which is often referred to as the destiny number. These books have even mentioned the importance of the number in determining our weaknesses and strengths since the time we are born. Apart from setting the foundation of the path of your life, this number is even quite effective in pushing you hard on achieving your life’s goals.

Once my full birth name was known, it was easier to calculate my goals depending on the numbers that correspond to the letters of my entire birth name.

Personality Number

The initial impression that the others gain about you is an outcome of your number. It creates much space to determine specific aspects of your personality that you’re comfortable in revealing by ticking off situations and people that you don’t want to.
Life Path Number

The most important number in numerology is described as the life path number. It lays the foundation of your ideal life path. Likewise, your traits and personality even reflect your inherent qualities. The challenges or opportunities that you meet in life are outlined by the life path number. It even teaches you a few lessons that you learn with time. There’s a different meaning to every life path. The numbers depicted in your entire date of birth are added up for calculating your life path number. For instance, if I was born in 1992, then my birth year has to be broken down into 1+9+9+2=21. The number 21 has two digits, which I will need to add up as 2+1=3. In that case, I’m on life path 3, which is a creative one.

It suggested that at some point in my life, I’ll get an opportunity to explore my creativity. Likewise, even if you begin working in the corporate sector, you’ll find such opportunity sooner or later.
Your life is bound to look brighter once you understand the relationship between your usual life path energy and your inner self. Success at work and other aspects of life show up when you learn how to combine the ideal and the real. In doing so, you’re bound to enjoy a fulfilling career irrespective of whether your 60 or 16. Only by thinking creatively and relating to your life path number, you may taste success!

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