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We are living in such a competitive World that each and every one want to overtake others and achieve desired goals. But there are always minimum of 2 ways to execute any Task or to achieve desired Target i.e. either to overtake other or to compete with our self. In this world almost majority of people follow 1st option and they get temporary satisfaction but in long run they feel exhausted and demotivated to some extent. Now if you follow 2nd Option you will feel that during the course of time you will improve Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually.

But the Point is HOW to do that?

To provide a proper perspective on ways to implement it I am here to help you.

Now in this world we have many Self Help Books which guide us on various methods of Self and Life Improvement and in addition to this our ancestors (Learned Scholars) had revealed various methods of prediction like Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Feng Shui, Vaastu Shastra, Moleosophy, Swara Gyan ,Meta Physics to name a few for improvement of our Life and convert it into Happiness without impacting or belittling others.
Before heading to the Topic first we need to understand whether these subjects has any relevance as most of people have many kind of doubts that whether these prediction have any implication to our life or Whether these can seriously put end to our misery or How can any of these change our destiny or I have been trying since long but effort have gone in vain. All these kinds of doubts we need to clear before heading to grasp Knowledge which has been provided by our Nature and Learned Scholars through their research and execution.

Now let’s start with Astrology for example to understand how it Works.

Now as per Astrology, Kundali is basic reference from which all the prediction are inferred, though there are many types of Kundali as well w.r.t each House. Now as in Kundali we have 12 House and 12 Planets including Rahu, Ketu. Now if take it as any Mathematical riddle then by Permutation & Combination we can make almost 48 Cr combination and now each house is of 30 degrees so further infinite combination considering the degree between each Planet in same house. So that is the reason that no same person in this world has same Life curve.

Now again any intriguing person can ask that what if 2 person are born at same Place and Time. Here comes the main concept and application of Karma and in Spiritual sense the concept of Meta Physics.

So, basically for any Person the governing factor for his Life Won’t be just the Kundali/Planetary Position under which she/he is born but the Karma which can turn anybody’s misery into fortune.

Karma as it suggest is the deeds which you have taken up to achieve desired goals during your Life Path and these karma’s impact can be multiplied by basic concept of Vaastu Shastra, Swara Gyan, Meta Physics etc.

Now let’s take example of Vaastu Shastra and understand what does its basic significance is.

Vaastu Shastra had been followed for Centuries but it has come to common use nowadays as everyone is aware of its benefits but unfortunately not all about the proper application of same.

Vaastu Shastra basic concept is that whatever the construction is or wherever she/he stay the body of inhabitant should get maximum Oxygen which shall help the Nervous System to remain active and in that scenario that person shall not lose his wisdom and will be able to take right decision for her/his benefit and Progress.

This basic concept was followed in Old Heritages or Forts as they use to construct same considering Oxygen Supply in Mind.

Unfortunately now a days we get distorted concept of all these Jewels which are there in our reach to implement and make our life Happy and Prosper.

In this section I shall share with you various easy ways in which you can understand these Subjects with atmost ease and apply these concept in your daily Life. Also here I need to mention that all these subjects are interlinked and remedial measures for any issues for each and every person shall be different and also impact shall vary.

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Bharat Gandhi

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