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Astrology and Gemstones Go Together – Know How

The adverse planetary energies are known to cause a few afflictions. In astrology, there are a few specific remedial measurements that can alleviate these afflictions. These remedies are even capable of boosting favorable afflictions. These remedies include rituals for purification, use of gemstones, use of mantras and use of Yantras.

The ancient scriptures mention the use of gemstones. The Vedic astrology gurus recommend the use of gemstones that are quite popular in India.
A specific energy wavelength is linked to a specific gemstone that corresponds to the energy of planets. Their impact harmonizes and strengthens the weakened energy of the corresponding planets by developing influence on the astral human body. Spiritual shamans, healers, astrologers, and traditions have used gemstones since immemorial times and the power of Gemstones have already been acknowledged by the spiritual pundits.  

Gemstones can be categorized under two heads:


The Maha Ratnas are undoubtedly the most powerful stones that can yield notorious effects in spite of their lightweight and small sizes. These gemstones are mostly very expensive as they are rare and precious. Although the Upa-Ratnas are very powerful, they aren’t as effective as the Maha Ratnas. If you want them to be equally effective, you’ll need to order for a bigger size. Most people can afford Upa-Ratnas as they are abundantly available.
You need to remember that the gemstones that you wear ought to be of good quality, flawless, and within your budget.

Gemstones have a few requisites:

Instead of synthetic stones, Gemstones have to be natural ones. Gemstones shouldn’t be stained or treated chemically; you mustn’t even irradiate them. The gem-cutter needs to preserve the luster of these stones and they must retain the homogenous color and brightness. Gems that are a bit smoky and look dull aren’t easily saleable. Much of the energy gets distorted when you find defects in the gemstones. Such gemstones are likely to yield an adverse effect.

Select Your Gems:

A competent astrologer must select the gems after consulting the buyer’s sun-sign and his chart. In spite of their potential to heal, all gemstones may not be as effective for you. The adverse energies are amplified when you select the wrong gemstones. They end up causing more harm to you than improving your situation.

Criteria for Choosing Astrological Gems

As a general rule, you should avoid gemstones that correspond to the planets ruling the 12th house, 8th house, 6th house and other inauspicious ones as they inflict adverse effects. On the other hand, you also have the gems that correspond to the planets dominating the houses 1st, 5th, 9th, and other trine houses. Also, the gems that correspond to planets supporting Yogas are regarded as the best.

A person’s emotions and mind gain strength out of the gem dominating the Moon’s ruling planet. The person’s expression and health gain a strong impact of the ascendant Lord’s gem. When it comes to wearing the gem, choosing an auspicious time and date is very important. The favorable and strong energy of planets can have a positive influence on that auspicious occasion.

You’ll come across highly effective Jyotish Gemstones that will come to you in the form of specially crafted astrological jewelry.

ज्योतिष वेद का एक महत्वपूर्ण अंग है। जिस प्रकार हमारे शरीर के प्रमुख छह अंग हैं, वेदों के भी शिक्षा, कल्प, व्याकरण, छन्द, ज्योतिष आदि के यह अंग माने गए हैं।

Why To Get Up Early In The Morning?

In the pantheon of metals, gold is by far the most highly prized metal in the world. Many nations back their currency to gold, and investors follow gold’s ups and downs in the stock market. Asian countries, like India and China, are smitten with the metal.

Now we are in the Year 2018 and most of us are super excited to unravel the mysteries of the future. 

Every year has its own numero energy, the New Year 2018, is believed to be a universal year with numero energy of 11; also 2 (2 0 1 8= 11; 1 1=2).

Spiritual significance of 11
The sum of year 2018 comes around to be 11, which has a great spiritual significance. In the spiritual world, number 11 is revered as the master numerology, which is a symbol of illumination, inspiration and enlightenment.

What's in story for 2018?
So this year, you can expect and hope for more tolerance and peace in the world, along with spiritual awakening around the globe. The world will witness, stupendous innovations and a wave of blessings in disguise.

Spiritual blessings
This time around the negative energies will have the lease impact on certain numerology numbers, thanks to number 11 (2) guiding them into the light of positivity. It is the time to take the risk and charge of your life and surrender it to the universe.

Year 2018 Predictions for every Numerology number
When you look back at all those years in the past, some of you can actually pick out individually, the years throughout which things took a turn for worse and ended up wreaking your life. If you wish to know, what this year has in store for your numerology number, take a look….

2018 Numerology predictions

This year foresees your life turning over to a new chapter, which indicates that all ties to the previous one must be severed. It is a time for new beginnings; you might feel being burdened with these changes, but have patience it is all helping you to take the new path in order to reach your desired destination.


This year, you guys will shift your focus from practical things to emotionally-driven decisions. The year 2018, career-wise, will work in your favor; you might just land up your dream job. As emotions would drive you crazy, be careful in managing your current relation, as even a small mistake may cost you, someone, dearly.


Unknowingly and unplanned, you’ll be taking up a lot of travel trips this year, during which you’ll experience a new phase of life, which had been lying low until this year. Right from initial months, you’ll find your energies being boosted to new levels, which will leave you amused. Don’t hold back to this change and go with the flow…

It’s not going to be a bad year, but you can’t call it a good one either. You will be making sacrifices and doing compromises for things, which otherwise would have been trivial matters, on any other given day. You might even come across a thought to quit your job and start up things of your own. Although, its good, the initial struggle might exhaust your spirits; a tip – stay focused on the end goal and don’t be afraid of the journey.


It’s going to be a neutral year for you, with as many chances of success, as for failures; in the end, you’ll learn something new and fruitful with every chance. You’ll be driven by passion and your decisions (no matter how sorted they appear in your head) would be questioned by people around you. Remember, there are two sides to a coin, so make a wise decision.


You have the spiritual blessings this year, so go ahead and take the risk (no blind risks please) and surrender you're conscious to the universal energies around you. This is the time that you had been craving for all these years. Career, love, marriage, and health-wise, things are going to be strong, so don’t rush into things, let patience work its magic.


The coming year will be a testing period in your life, where things like love, trust and relations will be put through test; don’t be afraid of the outcome (remember, whatever happens, it does for good) and if it is indeed good, don’t let it go away from you. Spiritual venture is the answer to all your mental exhaustion this year. Embrace the change and also the inner voice, which you’d been ignoring for a long time.


Work wise, this year will take up a lot of your time, energy, emotions and passion. It is advised to take on one thing at a time and excel it like, no one could outdo you. Your earnings and social status would see gradual lift. A lot of opportunities will be coming your way, pick the right one wisely.


The spiritual energy of number 11 would help you deepen your roots. You might feel being pulled down, but remember, stronger the roots, more powerful the tree. Health-wise things may not go smooth, so take good care. Better that you avoid switching jobs and focus on settling the matters in you hand, like your marriage, which is foreseen this year.

With Moon present in Cancer today, you may find yourself in the limelight and will be the recipient of much attention and adulation from others.

There is a possibility of you having some stomach disorder. Moon in Cancer might influence you to be careless on the health front today.

Presence of Moon in Cancer makes it a good day to take a step forward in your love life. If you have been hesitating to confess your romantic feelings for a friend; 

Dear Capricorn, patience and determination will mark everything you do today, as Moon transits in Libra. This calm and determined attitude of yours will win everyone`s heart.



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