The Steps to Spiritual Growth: Mind, Body, Soul Featured

Written by  Mar 30, 2020

In a busy world, it's easy to forget to take the necessary steps to spiritual growth. We're all caught up in the game of life. We need to improve our chances to “make it” in the real world. We are trying to move ahead, or treading water frantically just to stay afloat.

Sometimes, life seems too full to consider spirituality. Sure, we may go to church, mosque, or temple, but that may not be enough. We may simply be paying lip service. It may be simply a social thing.

Is this enough? Is it fulfilling to our entire being to neglect this particular aspect of our make-up? Even if we don't believe in a supreme deity, should we ignore the mind-body-spirit connection? If we want to become complete entities, if we want to help our physical selves remain strong and healthy, the answer to this last question is “No.”

Spirituality and Physical Harmony

More and more research is indicating the link between the physical, emotional, and intellectual selves to the spiritual entity. Stress disperses or decreases when through such things as meditation we reach within ourselves. Energy medicine is one form that recognizes the need for individuals to use the Qi (Chi) to achieve balance using the body-mind-soul connection. Through meditation, people who are ill help decrease the pain and achieve a sensation many would call spiritual.

Spiritual Growth Comes from Within

Learning & Living Spiritual Practice sums up a very Eastern approach to spirituality. “Your life is your spiritual path. It's what's right in front of you. You can't live anyone else's life. The task is to live yours and stop trying to copy one you think looks better.”

It all begins by looking deep within. Only if we work from the inside out can we make changes that will last? Yet, just because the steps to spiritual growth start from within, does not mean we should avoid formulating a spiritual growth plan. By examining our lives, looking at what makes us happy, content, and responsible and applying that to others in our lives, can we move forward in our spirituality growth patterns.

For a plan to be successful, you need to devote yourself to it. When it comes to the stages of spiritual growth, begin with gradual changes. Be mindful of where you tread and how hard you are walking on this earth. Be more compassionate, be more loving, and, above all, be more mindful of all your actions.

Actions do speak louder than words. They speak to who we are and where we're going. If we continue along the path of mindfulness, we'll find we don't have to wonder about spirituality and its existence. We will find ourselves in harmony with our own bodies and the universe.

Spiritual Growth and Development

When we take the first few steps to spiritual growth, we're at the start of a long and fulfilling journey. It's no longer a question of “what is spirituality, and what it means in our lives ?” We're now well on a journey of self-healing. Whether we reach our goal through meditation or prayer is, in the end, irrelevant. It's the journey of self-discovery that matters. 

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