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Written by  Dec 30, 2017

Since Ages it is believed that the most powerful Mantra is AUM, also refered as Vedic Dhvani(Sound). You will be amazed to know the Therapeutic, Psychological and Spiritual benefits of chanting AUM.

It is now scientifically proved that AUM is most powerful Mantro or Sound ever created.

AUM stands for:

  • A - Brahma, the Creator
  • U - Vishnu, the Sustainer
  • M - Shiva, the Destroyer

Let me share the benefits of chanting AUM daily:

  1. Helps Reduces Stress: Regular chanting of AUM helps in reducing the stress level from our hectic work schedules and keeps us calm whole day.

  2. Improves Concentration: When we chant AUM, the vibrations of the sound created focuses our mind towards the sacred sound resulting in improving the concentration power.

  3. Removes Negativity: Chanting AUM, all the negative energies surrounded in the atmosphere vanishes and the Vedic Sound creates a positive energy around us. This not only benefits the person chanting the Mantra, but also to those who comes in contact with the Vibrations of Vedic Dhvani(sound).

  4. Health Benefits: AUM chanting relaxes our mind and body, resulting in maintaining the blood pressure level and regularizing the heart rate.

  5. Spiritual Benefits: Chanting AUM regularly strengthens the chakras and detox our body and cleans the Aura. The positive energy created by chanting AUM helps us achieve anything we wish for in our lives.
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