How to beautify your garden with minimal efforts? Featured

Written by  Mar 30, 2020

Beautify your garden with minimal efforts...

Pick your plants wisely

Visit a nursery near your place and talk to the person there. With his help, pick plants that are easy to maintain. If you are seriously passionate about gardening, only then choose plants that yield vegetables & fruits, otherwise keep it basic. Know that plants with flowers look lovely and colorful but require a lot of effort for maintenance.

Add a comfortable seating

An ideal garden space offers peaceful time in the evening with your family. To achieve that, look for  a comfortable seating option with a small side table for tea/coffee. Add a pop of colors with cushions and chic crockery. Also if you have kids, consider placing a swing nearby.

Build a bird bath

It is the natural habitat for the birds, so if you wish to hear chirping sounds, make sure you have water for them. Build a small bird bath and ensure it is kept clean.

Wooden Walkway

If there is enough space from your house towards the garden, you can create a wooden walkway with planks placed at a distance from each other. You can use small white pebbles in between to beautify the walkway.      

Bottle Tiki Torches are a must

Outdoors means bugs and mosquitoes are bound to gather around the place. To solve this problem, use bottle tiki torches that can also me DIYed at home. Use candles in a used bottle and hang it at a height in your garden.

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