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Spiritual and Physical Health can HELP us Fight Coronavirus Featured

Written by  Apr 22, 2020

Maintaining isolation and social distancing find the primary objective of staying healthy for all global citizens. These are among the most crucial steps for slackening the pace of Coronavirus.

You may be feeling worried or anxious about your loved ones. If your daily life gets crippled, you might experience sheer loneliness, boredom, and sadness. The loss of freedom might compel you to get under the influence of resentment and anger.

This is not a single secluded chapter in history despite making you so impatient and anxious. Numerous communities have undergone such calamities in the history of our nation. Taking a glance in the not-so-distant past, you could recall the instances of WWI and WWII. For a couple of generations, our forefathers had to shut the lights off at night in fear of bombing and rely on rationed supplies of staple. They remained focused on the greater cause for several years altogether.

The global pandemic (COVID 19) demands a similar kind of sacrifice from each one of us right now. We can restrict a sudden surge in the virus by maintaining the measures of social isolation and distancing at large.

All of us are going through a trying time wherein we cannot afford to lose hope. The situation yields ample opportunity for you to assist your community by opting for online services. It is time for you to acquire fresh knowledge on checking things out with different social angles. However, you are not alone in whatever things you do.

Health and Wellness Strategies

  • Make sure you have healthy foodstuffs and workout besides maintaining healthy habits.

  • Steer clear of nicotine and alcohol. It might be a step ahead in revitalizing your body, but it can lead through bouts of frustration, addiction, and depression.

  • Try attending your yoga classes online and perform the workouts indoors.

  • Find time to walk around your house several times each day’ it could mean walking your pet puppy twice as much as you usually do.

  • Get your spirit and body rejuvenated by dancing and playing your favorite music pieces.

Spiritual Strategies

  • Focus on your regular activities and be realistic about your expectations.

  • Begin a gratitude journal and be empathetic towards others.

  • Initiate a meditation class over the internet.

  • Keep a note of all your thoughts and experiences as it might come in handy for your family members.

  • Create a list of your colleagues and friends who you ought to write to regularly. You may even call them for a change.

  • You may choose to know the requirements of a disabled or senior neighbor before visiting the grocery store.

  • A vast majority of our churches are offering their services online. Despite maintaining a safe distance, the churches are able to guide and assist others. You may acquire detailed information from a local pastor.

All of us are acting as a single entity towards ensuring human connection even while we are isolated physically. Together, we can be an effective safety device for ensuring human health and wellbeing.

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