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Learn Something New During the Lockdown Period Featured

Written by  Apr 22, 2020

India has gone into a 2nd phase of lockdown and billions of citizens are exploring new ways to entertain their children and seniors. We are trudging through a time when everyone is finding it tough to engage in homebound activities.

If isolation has so far been drinking wine and swapping TV channels, then you might try to follow a different approach. Pursuing a long-cherished hobby could make your life more meaningful by leaving a positive impact on your mind. At a time, when wellbeing is about setting the priorities, you must find the right means for reducing stress.

Few Good Tips on Nourishing Your Creative Muscles and Acquiring New Skills:


Learn Painting

You may have fancied the idea of impressing your friends with a particular piece of artwork on the wall. For those of you that are drawn towards watercolors and acrylics, it is an opportunity to check out the beginner tutorials over YouTube. All you need for painting a surface is a color palette, a few brushes, and your hand-picked paints. A jar of water is another thing that you ought to keep by your side while painting.

Make the most of the lockdown period by experimenting with various interiors that compile traditional and contemporary lines of artwork.

Learn Photography

This is a perfect period to enhance your skill of photography by learning new techniques about your DSLR or even your mobile camera. There are a few online platforms that give you the opportunity to access tutorials on photography. Various experts in the field of professional photo-shooting have shared the expertise in these platforms. You may sign up with any of these platforms, if you really wish to give it a try.

Video courses worth 10 to 15 lessons that have snapped celebrities like John Lennon and Leonardo Di Caprio are easily accessible to aspiring portrait photographers. You may easily acquire knowledge on how to develop new concepts, spend time with your subjects, and make an effective use of natural light while shooting and bringing the images to life.

Content Creation / Writing Skills

During the past few years, several creative writing courses have been launched over the internet. These courses are designed to pump your imaginative juices in a positive direction. By attending a 3-hour weekly course through a period of eight weeks is likely to introduce you to all successful paths followed by the fiction writers that made such attempts before you.

You may consult others that attend similar courses and seek their feedback on your ideas. It will help you in shaping your characters in an effective manner. It might be your time to try your hand in creating a bestseller!

Playing Music

If you have been trying to make a list of your favorite music pieces for long, then you have ample time to do that for the next 2 weeks. The lockdown period is perhaps your time to practice your acoustic guitar.

A plethora of instrument tutorials are shared over social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The best thing about following the online tutorials is that you can access them at your preferred time.

Cooking Food

We all love good food and during this period of lockdown it's an opportunity to improve your skills of cooking a variety of good foods. You can learn from friends and families through video chats and also watch tutorials over YouTube and learn to cook new recipes. And those who are already good at cooking may use this time to share their creative skills to teach others and make it a part-time career as well...

Performing Yoga

Yoga experts have posted videos stating quality fitness tips across all health forums and blogs. While some of them have shared videos on some ideal postures over YouTube, others have even illustrated various positions through graphical images in health magazines.

You may choose to practice yoga inside your living room or in the garden. Besides ensuring a healthy lifestyle for the long run, a yoga session can help you perform your regular activities without feeling tired.

Some of you may be lucky to have a bit of greenery within or around your residence. It’s time you sharpen your gardening skills by either working hand-in-hand with a loved one or by doing a simple Google searches.

You will soon find out the best ways of taking proper care of your saplings, maintaining the health of your soil, and fetching fresh wildlife inside the garden. By the time your hard work pays off, you will discover something that is very fulfilling like planting bulbs and clearing weeds.

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