Written by  Jun 24, 2019

Love has to be unconditional else it would be business and not affection. Love and affection should be inherent not the show off as it is self explanatory and understandable.

You don’t need to explain your love to make other person realize that you actually love them or not. Love is not to be proved or certified.


Love is a bond in between two or more. It can be bond of husband and wife, among siblings or mother and child, also it can be birds or animals love. No one can brief or explain it unless you feel it.

Father of a family love unconditionally while feeding their family members and extending care with full attention whether he may be busy somewhere. Mother gives most unconditional love to her children without any expectation from giving birth to a child till they die, that’s bit weird but absolutely correct, mother can never leave her child though she never had an expectations.

She has to groom her child, feed them time to time, teach them lesson of life, to make them understand the world for good and bad and how to tackle the situation. However, author says, mother plays a major role in unconditional love.

Birds, who can never speak but they also have same feelings for their children. They also love their babies unconditionally and feed them same way as human but tomorrow when these babies will grow they will never know where they are … hence it is absolute example of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"

Birds are also very possessive for their babies, Author has shared small live video at the end of this write up on new born baby bird…

...must watch YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Prabb k" video name "Unconditional Love" and comment !! That’s awesome feeling...

Domestic animals like dogs and cats are so loveable, they also love unconditional as they cant demand anything like they never ask for imported feed or expensive leash to take them out for pee or poop.

They are caring too… They are so alert and never let outsider to enter house. They understand everything but can’t speak but at the same time they can explain in their terminology what they actually want to say.

Dogs and Cat lovers can only understand their language which is full of emotions .

So guys Love unconditionally and don’t expect anything from anyone just live the best life.

Author: Prabjot Kaur

Youtuber "Prabb k " love to write, travel and passionate for Cook n Serve... Cooking is charm of my life and to serve enthusiastically with big smile ? Drive my car agressively, interested in listening good music for peace of mind, full of enthusiasm, courage and excited to explore and learn always new things in life without wasting even single moment of life.


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