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Written by  Dec 30, 2017

Do you start a project enthusiastically, but lose your enthusiasm after a few days? This is something that happens to everyone, and could be quite frustrating.

It seems, as if there is a subconscious resistance to do things that require that you to leave your comfort zone. Something might fire your enthusiasm, but you lose it, when you see how much work or changes you need to make.

This happens to everyone, and in all walks of life.
  1. You see a friend who lost weight and you want to lose weight too. You have a strong desire, but it disappears after your first meal.
  2. You read a book about making money and you want to make money. However, when you understand that you have to study the market and invest money you forget about the whole matter.
  3. You read that people make money work online, and you want too to make money. You become excited, but a friend tells you that not everyone can make money online and this makes you lose interest, and all the excitement goes away.
  4. You return from a journey abroad with the enthusiasm to study a foreign language. You find a course, but after a few weeks you don't understand why you started to study at all and you quit.
  5. A friend suggests you read a certain book and you go and buy the book. You don't find the time to read it and you forget about the book.
  6. You go to a workshop, seminar or a lecture, and return enthusiastic about what you learned. However, after a few days, due to work, chores and other interests, you forget about it, and about you desire to implement what you learned.

This list can go on and on.

Often, something triggers your enthusiasm, but after a few hours, a few days or a few weeks, the enthusiasm wanes.

We forget why started to do something, or lose our interest. Our subconscious habits, our day-to-day tasks and our circumstances stand in the way, and we lose our interest. This is something that happens all the time.

Enthusiasm is like fire. Water can extinguish it, and the wind can divert it in any direction. Lack of interest is like water, and other interests, other attractions, and other ideas are like the wind, diverting the attention to other matters.

It is not easy to keep your interest and enthusiasm strong and alive, if you allow yourself to be distracted and attracted by every whim, desire or new idea. It is also not the way to success.

If your imagination is fired by some idea, this fire might be extinguished, unless you are determined not to let this happen it, and apply willpower, self disciple and persistence.

You cannot depend on temporary enthusiasm, excitement and desire to accomplish anything. The mind gets excited by various things, but is often fickle and is quickly distracted.

What can help you go on with something that excited you? What can you do to go on after enthusiasm wanes down?

  • Use reason, common sense and clear thinking before starting anything.
  • Realize that quite often, you will need to study, work, sacrifice certain things, and do things that you don't like doing.
  • Be sure you really want to accomplish what fired your enthusiasm.
  • You need to develop persistence.
  • You need to use willpower and self-discipline.
  • You need to learn to focus your mind on what you want to accomplish.

Like fire, which needs constant feeding, care and direction, so is enthusiasm. It can easily wane. It can help you start a new project or a plan, but to keep going you need some inner power and stamina, and you need to do some work, which sometimes, could be boring or need effort and time.

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