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Written by  Jun 18, 2019

Musafir is an indie-country-pop song that finds its inspiration in nature, a man’s solitary travels and the effects it has on his soul.

Being a travel junkie myself, I felt compelled to create this melody for all those out there who survive on this dope called ‘travel’. The words are soulful that a person of any age can connect with, while the music arrangement and the melody remind you of the retro revolution that’s still caught the attention of the youth in 2019.

About the Music Video - MUSAFIR

A soldier stuck somewhere near the border and he manages to somehow escape. Walking across the the vast expanse of snow covered mountains, ice cold rivers and the warmth of strangers that he meets on the way.

The video is a hopeful journey of a soldier who faces death but manages to survive because of the kindness of others. A story that evokes passion, empathy and eternal optimism.

About the artist - Madhur Khandelwal

Madhur Khandelwal, a musician, -singer-songwriter & a performer.

Growing up he took to music, and learnt it on his own exploring and striking chords and mixing and matching, until he mastered some of the instruments.

In a world where music must be defined, a musician should break every mound to create soulful and melodious music.

Madhur is a Singer- Songwriter / Music composer - musician, An actor and a Performing artist. Though there is no one set genre for him, he is very versatile and has a great stage and camera presence.
His expertise lies in Country music, Bollywood, Blues & Rock & Roll.

With a strong hold on lyrics, Madhur has also written and composed a few songs for his upcoming album, Out of which one single is released on 15th of june'19. He can play the guitar, harmonica, Ukulele etc. along with vocals and has an experience of almost a decade.

Madhur has also been a part of the Theatres and has performed across the country for more than 200 shows for Acting and Music.

Music on Crescendo Record Label

Crescendo is one of the oldest record labels in india for indie music scene in India. The record label has launched and supported Popular artist like Lucky Ali, Mohit Chauhan, Shaan and many more. Its Managed by Suresh Thomas.

With Madhur, Crescendo's Music has made a come back as Musafir is spreading like fire between every generation.

Musafir Madhur Khandelwal
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