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Astrology and Gemstones

Astrology and Gemstones Go Together – Know How

The adverse planetary energies are known to cause a few afflictions. In astrology, there are a few specific remedial measurements that can alleviate these afflictions. These remedies are even capable of boosting favorable afflictions. These remedies include rituals for purification, use of gemstones, use of mantras and use of Yantras.

The ancient scriptures mention the use of gemstones. The Vedic astrology gurus recommend the use of gemstones that are quite popular in India.
A specific energy wavelength is linked to a specific gemstone that corresponds to the energy of planets. Their impact harmonizes and strengthens the weakened energy of the corresponding planets by developing influence on the astral human body. Spiritual shamans, healers, astrologers, and traditions have used gemstones since immemorial times and the power of Gemstones have already been acknowledged by the spiritual pundits.  

Gemstones can be categorized under two heads:


The Maha Ratnas are undoubtedly the most powerful stones that can yield notorious effects in spite of their lightweight and small sizes. These gemstones are mostly very expensive as they are rare and precious. Although the Upa-Ratnas are very powerful, they aren’t as effective as the Maha Ratnas. If you want them to be equally effective, you’ll need to order for a bigger size. Most people can afford Upa-Ratnas as they are abundantly available.
You need to remember that the gemstones that you wear ought to be of good quality, flawless, and within your budget.

Gemstones have a few requisites:

Instead of synthetic stones, Gemstones have to be natural ones. Gemstones shouldn’t be stained or treated chemically; you mustn’t even irradiate them. The gem-cutter needs to preserve the luster of these stones and they must retain the homogenous color and brightness. Gems that are a bit smoky and look dull aren’t easily saleable. Much of the energy gets distorted when you find defects in the gemstones. Such gemstones are likely to yield an adverse effect.

Select Your Gems:

A competent astrologer must select the gems after consulting the buyer’s sun-sign and his chart. In spite of their potential to heal, all gemstones may not be as effective for you. The adverse energies are amplified when you select the wrong gemstones. They end up causing more harm to you than improving your situation.

Criteria for Choosing Astrological Gems

As a general rule, you should avoid gemstones that correspond to the planets ruling the 12th house, 8th house, 6th house and other inauspicious ones as they inflict adverse effects. On the other hand, you also have the gems that correspond to the planets dominating the houses 1st, 5th, 9th, and other trine houses. Also, the gems that correspond to planets supporting Yogas are regarded as the best.

A person’s emotions and mind gain strength out of the gem dominating the Moon’s ruling planet. The person’s expression and health gain a strong impact of the ascendant Lord’s gem. When it comes to wearing the gem, choosing an auspicious time and date is very important. The favorable and strong energy of planets can have a positive influence on that auspicious occasion.

You’ll come across highly effective Jyotish Gemstones that will come to you in the form of specially crafted astrological jewelry.

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