Terracotta is probably the most famous form of pottery in Indian villages. Featured

Written by  Feb 03, 2017

Terracotta is probably the most famous form of pottery in Indian villages. The villages of West Bengal, Biharand Gujarat are best known for terracotta works. .

The villages of Tamil Nadu are also quite famous for the terracotta figures of the Aiyanar Deity. The figures are huge and they are found standing guard at the entrances of villages protecting the insiders from evil spirits.

The house of a potter (also known as Khumbar or Kumhar) can be found in almost every village in India. The potters make a variety of household utensils and other objects of utility. They make bowls, mugs, plates, urns, for storing and carrying water and flowerpots, foot-scrubbers, small pots and a myriad other articles required by an Indian household. The villages of Jammu and Kashmirare famous for producing quality earthenware of ordinary clay, with a glaze-like surface. The people in Sunderban area make Dakshinirai pots, which are round with an edging running along the mouth signifying a crown. The people also worship these pots as the God, who will protect them from tigers.

The villages of Gujarat are famous for making items using a mixture of white and black pottery. The villagers make designs by using dots, zigzag stripes and diagonals and the floral and animal patterns are occasionally used. Villages in Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat are quite famous for their beautiful earthenware. Kutch is famous for pots, terracotta horses and elephants. On the other hand, earthenware made in the villages of Goa has a charm of its own.

The villages of Uttar Pradesh in India are well known for making some of the finest, most decorative and fine black clay pottery items. The other important places for pottery in Uttar Pradesh include Meerut, Hapur, Chinhat and Mansalia. The villages in these places are famous for making ordinary domestic articles and glazed items. Meerut and Jhajjar are famous for making slim necked water containers called Surahis.

Vellore is famous for black and red wares and Usilampatti in Madurai district is also famous for black pottery. However, the Karigari pottery in South Arcot of Tamil Naduis the most famous form of pottery in south Indian villages. Khanapur in Belgaum district of Karnataka is also quite popular for making large sized containers and jars for storage and preservation.

Pottery in Indian Villages is one of the most ancient and popular art forms of Indian village. Pottery in Indian villages has been in existence since the Indus Valley Civilisation and is still practised in most of the Indian villages. The art of handling of clay is called Pottery and it is one of the earliest skills known to the Indians. The Indians are expert in moulding clay with their hands to form various things of daily utility, toys and deities of worship since the ancient period.



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