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Learn to earn big from your hobby of Photography, lets discuss about the tricks in this article.

Many of you are passionate about pursuing photography as a hobby. You may have already taken snaps on big occasions for your loved ones or might have been paid for your professional gigs. I have been doing the same and trying my best to acquire knowledge and improve with time.

 I’ve just dropped my anchor as a portrait shooter, and after a year, I urge you not to give it a half-hearted effort.

Juggling between photography and your other obligations might prove to be a bit exhaustive right after taking the plunge. You can afford to spend a bit more time at it when your passion gets fueled financially. A lot of websites are hosting high-quality images. I’ve done my research and listed a few that yield great ROI.
Here are the websites that pay for your snaps:
Etsy: They aren’t just for gifts, costumes, and decorations. You can sell your snaps at Etsy and pay them a mere 20 cent on each sale that you make.

IStockPhoto: They’re in the business since long and have a great network of contributors. You can earn 15-45% of the sales depending on whether you opt for the general or exclusive memberships. This is primarily GettyImages and the link to sell stock images is 

Shutter Stock: Apart from 4K and HD videos, they even sell stock footages. They allow you to earn up to $120 for every downloaded image. You may even earn 20% out of the first referral purchase. Link for this amazing website is

Smug Mug Pro: A website that lets you keep about 85% of the markup for each snapshot. The name says it all and you can make the most of it by opting for a Pro subscription. The link to this website is

I’m sure, your time and effort won’t go in vain. I’m taking the time to write this article as I want to throw some light on the benefits and challenges of pursuing your hobby.
Find out how you can turn it into a profitable business:
Be organized

Your days are likely to be consumed by activities like accounts maintenance, editing, and marketing. I had outsourced some tasks and I’d advise you to set up a client management system that speeds up the process effectively.
Set your goals and follow them

Your business goals have to be realistic and you must follow them diligently. I had set a realistic work schedule keeping with my non-shooting time during the initial phase of my business. You must determine the time you need to spend on your other commitments.
Draw your budget before doing a business

I didn’t expect a lot of financial rewards initially. You have to earn something out of your work or service even if it’s not a motivating factor. If the fruits of your efforts keep showing up in your bank account, you’ll enjoy continuing with all your efforts and love for photography. Besides proving your ability, it will improve the quality of life you’re leading.

You must have achieved some food for thought after going through this article. Earning out of something that has been your favorite pastime could mean much if you’re prepared to face the challenges. Although I loved and cherished photography for years, I had to overcome some obstacles and cope with some inhibitions initially. All I can assure you is that these things will work out fine eventually.

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