Urban Maze - a solo exhibition of young artist Chand Kumar Doliya was inaugurated by Mr. Manish Sisodia Featured

Written by  Nov 04, 2017

Urban Maze - a solo exhibition of young artist Chand Kumar Doliya was inaugurated by Deputy Cheief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia at Lalit Kala Akademi, Mandi House, New Delhi.

The exhibition preview was on the 23rd October, 2017 at 5.30 pm and the show run through 29th October, 2017 from 11 am till 7 pm.

Urban Life is usually manifested by people coming together from different geo-political conditions, building different groups, forming a milieu. The cosmopolitan life has always been an inspirational source for many artists. The anonymity of the big cities comes often with isolation and loneliness on one hand and visualizing the flair and lively atmosphere on the other, it is as diverse as their inhabitants and their ways of life.

“I capture what I see and encounter every day, the people around me and the surroundings” says the artist Chand Kumar Doliya.

Living and working in the city Delhi, his understanding of the nuances and surveillance of life in the city are much reflected in his works. His paintings represent the intricacy of contemporary urban life that see-saw between the narratives and the purely formal concerns. His figures are shrouded in mystery with a semi-abstract background. His works are a vibrant blend of human thoughts, dreams and desires, with pain and melancholy on one side and love and cheerfulness on the other.

“The depths in the works strike a vital chord, which attempts to bring out the zeal, trying to break free from within the artist. This is the energy that exudes from each work and is evidently a clear manifestation of his journey from a struggle of the inside to a creative birth into the world outside. Each work has a different story to tell - stories of life, moments and reality. He draws ideas from minute gestures of our daily life and its surroundings, just trying to captivate the onlooker’s attention towards subtle movements with his metaphoric play.” – says Vikash Nand Kumar, Art Historian & Curator

Doliya’s acute and precise presentation of the dense details of social realities, appearances, customs, objects, are all so graded, classed and placed. In some of his works, he combines diverse stories and elements some of which also reflect a trace of reality. His images and imagery are both frankly instinctive and elemental those seem to overflow with a wide range of varied and evocative narrations.

He skillfully weaves together elements from personal memory, urban culture and current reality, manifesting a juxtaposed composition of the inner and the outer world, the individual and the society, the private and the public arena. His imagery comes in a stylistic rendering of photorealistic way that relates forms with colours, light with shade, placing human figures with various angularities.

He is continuously looking for innovations in his methodological approaches and always plays with medium choosing the mix media and also experimenting inclusion of non-conventional mediums in his works. Doliya has explored the 3D medium up to a great extent and establishing himself as one of the youngest artist in India practicing the medium at the diverse range and subject.


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