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Artist create corona virus 3D painting and Salute our Warriors Featured

Written by  May 20, 2020

Chand Kumar Doliya is Delhi based Contemporary Artist who mostly made his paintings on contemporary issues and running a group of art named “ART KHAFISM”. By finding this virus as a big issue for the whole world, he created this 3D painting.

He is the 1st Indian Artist who created the Corona Virus-3D painting on floor in his Studio during the lockdown, art can indeed be a human medium to reach and touch heart, Chand Kumar Doliya is an Indian artist who shares his experience of the pandemic war-like situation through a 3d painting created on the floor of his art studio, he paid homage to all the warriors who are fighting against this situation/virus keep others safe, warrior-like doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitation workers, all are working day and night, during this odd –time, Chand Doliya found his way to thanks these warriors through his art.

As we all know lockdown is going on in the whole world and everyone is trying to be safe from this virus. Every Person doing his work from home and following the rules. Therefore, during this lockdown time Mr. Chand found a way to give a message to the whole society by making this 3D Painting. He made this painting on the floor of his studio in 5 Days.

In this painting, as we can see a big tissue of the Corona Virus and a Plus Sign that depicts Doctors. The Artist tried to show how the Doctors are helping patients and are continuously fighting to save our lives. Healthcare professionals are working day and night to provide their full assistance to serious or positive patients in India. We should thank wholeheartedly the unsung mothers of these true heroes who are sacrificing their children to save the lives of all the citizens of this nation.

Through this 3-D painting, the contemporary artist Mr. Chand has shown his gratitude towards Healthcare professionals who are keeping us even before their lives and families. He, is also encouraging all the Indian Citizens to take an oath that we will acknowledge all the sacrifices and commitments of doctors by staying at home. Mr. Chand has shown his patriotism for the nation by creating this wonderful masterpiece dedicated to doctors.

Mr. Chand wants to give a message to the public of the nation and encourage all the true citizens of India to stay at home and contribute towards the battle their motherland is fighting against this deadly virus.

“This Virus is very dangerous and spreading so fast that it can not be controlled. So please follow the Lockdown instructions, be at home, and be safe. Wear the mask, sanitize yourself, and your daily goods. Keep everything neat and clean. When this lockdown will be over, please try to maintain these rules in life so that everyone can live happily and enjoy nature’s warmth."

The Motive of art is to give a message to everyone is TO LIVE AND LET LIVE.



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