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Revived Emotion is an International group exhibition of contemporary art by 37 artists from India, 13 Nepalese artists, and 17 Thai artists. The exhibition shows on the first floor at the Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Thailand during the period 26-29 January 2020.

A Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Dr. Prakash Kishore - brought many artists into limelight in this contemporary scenario. Chand Kumar Doliya is one of them who have uniqueness in expression of thoughts. Along with a practicing artist he is also the founder of Art khafism( A group of multidisciplinary Artists). What makes any work so contemporary or post modernist? It is the thought behind it as I believe that an artwork is the reflection an Artists mind.

Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes collateral. Chand’s work connects to all types of audience very easily because of its simple yet diverse approach of interpretation through the images and forms interwoven to each other. The exhibited portrait series at Bangkok had as usual unique representation through interconnected universal dialogues. Where the whole world is fighting against the pollution, the artists found the new way to express it.

He painted three portraits of – Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Lord Shiva. At one hand it gives the strong message of Unity, but the other it questions that the environment we live in is not safe for Gods, then how we can be safe? What is more interesting is the N95 mask wearing by the three gods. Technology and Spirituality has been well decodedaesthetically in Chand’s work. When we observe deeply into the paintings we get carried away by the digitalized patterns at the background of the portraits.

The running computerized circuit designs create a rhythm and harmony in the paintings and the application of sensuous soft colours brings calmness into his works. Overall the artist has successfully achieved the vibrancy and individuality in such a way that cannot be ignored by the audience. The artist is well aware of current situations of the society and looking forward to represent in his own language. I hope to see more stunning works from him in future.

I wish him all success in life. (Dr. Prakash Kishore, Curator)


One of the male artists from India who wanted to tell about the changes in the modern city through his paintings. In t this exhibition, he brought three pieces of work to exhibit. His latest collection talks about the gods of each religion (Shiva, Jesus Christ, and the Buddha) are on the canvas in such a way that they wear masks to prevent exposure to air pollution with the background‘s detail of shift board.

The artist chooses to paint the gods because people in each religion respect God the most. And always believed that God is the creator of everything. So in a difficult situation like the air pollution crisis in the city right now So they want God to protect him as well like the phrase “God bless you”. Moreover, the shift board in the background can symbolize to our contemporary life.

In this case, we are the owners of the mobile phone, computer, or digital life and at this time we’re lost our religion. Another interesting point in his series artworks is the canvas frame style. The artist is influenced by contemporary life especially mobile phones almost the type of iPhone.So he developed his painting canvas with the form of modern technology and it becomes the signature of his art.

Doliya has explored the 3D medium up to a great extent and establishing himself as one of the youngest artist in India practicing the medium at the diverse range and subject. His mastery has given accolades from different institutions all over the country and has got several invitations to showcase this talent where viewers are happily interacting with the works.

The artist is not aiming to achieve a critical appreciation rather he is willing to fulfil his craving for a betterment in his technique, style and juxtaposition and moreover viewers connectivity with the artworks he produces.

Artist-Chand Kumar Doliya

THE FOUNDER OF ARTKAFISM, one of the male artists from India who wanted to tell about his work of art...

In this recent series of portraits, I am trying to show my concern about growing pollution and its effect on the entire universe. In the present time not only in the entire world but in the universe pollution became one reason for most of the environmental related issues. Humans are growing towards new research and discoveries and inventions but sometimes their presence in the space also one of the major factor for space pollution. Now this issue of pollution just not remained as global concern but it became a serious universal problem.

In my painting, space is the main element which is continuously disturb and polluted by human in the name of inventions and discoveries. Here   I depicted Shiva, Buddha and Jesus with digitalized mask and background motifs.

Metaphorical re presentation  of these religious icons conveyed a very strong message . Each icon is signify some kind of ethics and values for life. For instance Shiva stands for care, Buddha stands for knowledge and Jesus stands for sacrifice and love. All these religious icons in totality teach the value of peace, unity, cleanliness, nonviolence purity of soul and to love with nature.

But due to human interference and these religious icons those are known as super power also unable to breathe in space. In my painting I depicted a millennium era mask on each one's face. Here mask represent the present condition of polluted air which even reached in the space too .Nothing left behind it.

This kind a of mask become a source  for people for little healthy breathe otherwise they can even intake the natural oxygen directly .Present days  in many countries we can  see the difference infectious diseases spreading drastically like corona virus and to prevent this people are wearing masks . To save themselves in this polluted space they have to wear mask. These Surgical mask became as a source for life and fashion too...

We all should take a step ahead towards this growing pollution and now at least prevent unnecessary causes and source which spread the pollution. World-wide many organization and individuals are working and dedicating their life for making a change and make our environmental pollution free but we also start thinking seriously about it.

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