Tribute to Kargil Soldiers by talented Art Khafism Group Featured

Written by  Jul 23, 2019

Art Khafism is a group of 6 young artists who find solace in colors and believe in using art to nurture their souls, explore their creative freedom and express their emotions in the truest manner.


Based out of Delhi, the group has time and again been able to experiment with a plethora of art forms such as 3D, sculpture among others. The group endeavors to remember the sacrifice of the soldiers and their families who got affected during the Kargil war.

This artwork has been a journey for us, a journey of volatile emotions and reminiscences. Let us all remember our brave soldiers with a hope that peace may thrive in the nation.

It's been more than two decades since the Kargil war. War gets over but the traces remain lifelong.

The aftermath of war leads to a more difficult trail. The bruises of war are not easy to erase especially for the families which lose their near and dear ones to safeguard the nation. For every nation, the soldiers are the carriers of the spirit of patriotism.

In order to keep the countrymen live in peace, they struggle day-night on the borders, fighting against death each second, protecting the nation from enemies. During the Kargil war, over 500 soldiers sacrificed their lives and more than a thousand got severely wounded.

The demise of so many soldiers was a blow for India. The loss saddened the entire nation and received condolences from all over the world. This artwork created by Art Khafism is a tribute to all the martyrs and wounded soldiers who fought bravely to protect the nation so that all of us can live in peace, the country can breathe fearlessly.

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